(Personal collection by Masahiro Kaneda ,Japan)      

   These pages feature the choruses selected from the viewpoint of healing.  They are not always composed
by distinguished technique, but no matter how many times I hear this music it remains an undiminished
favor for me. I had enjoyed singing chorus music for fifteen years. Though I know my part, it is not easy to
understand the whole composition from the sheet. So  I selected those choruses almost by listening the
"YouTube" or the "Classical Archives". And I chose composers from "The famous choruse serieses" published
by the Japan Chorus Association or from Chorus-relatedbooks.
   Almost of the choruses are a cappella and polyphony. As those choruses are composed from the 15th to
the 20th century
. I'm sorry that I'm not a specialist in history of music. Then It cannot be said that I covered
. I hope you enjoy my selection with these backgrounds and that you would let me know of any good piece
that should be added to my website.
   I will ban the download of music files for copyright protection of performers.  


UPDATE Nov.09 2021 

   From 14th to 16th century. Church style chorus.
   From 15th to 16th century. Music of a variety of ensemble and the expression of the human nature.
   From 16th to 18th century. Include Lococo. Gorgeous music of the chorus with instrument.
   From 18th to 19th century. The chorus is a part of many instruments. Sonata form music.
   From 18th to 19th century. The music put weight in sensitivity and the subjectivity.
   From 19th to 20th century. The musics based the Racial tradition music.
   From 19th to 20th century. the various musics Include the impressionists.
   From 20th to Now. The composers who are playing an active part now.
   Japanese composers 
   I displayed composers in alphabetical order





*  MP3 files are almost 50 seconds in length, and are changed to a little lower quality.
* Many of the MIDI files are full-length,but some of the files are shortened.
Part name  S (soprano)  A (alto)  T (tenor)  B (bassus)  C (cantus,the lead of a melody) 
Q (quintus,the fifth part)  SEXTUS (the sixth part)  SEPTIMUS (the seventh part)
 Usualy Cantus(S1),Quintus (T2),Sextus (S2),Septimus(A2)

 Country   ENG----England   NLD----Netherlands   DEU----Germany   ITA----Italy    CHE----Switzerland
         FRA----France   ESP----Spain   FLM----Flanders( the Dutch speaking northern part of Belgium)

The reference URLs


Classical Archives


Choral Horizon Japan http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~HE8T-MED/index.html        




IMSLP (Score Sheet)


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tomasluisdevictoria.org http://www.uma.es/victoria/mas_partituras.html    


free-scores.com(Score Sheet) http://www.free-scores.com/     Since 2014  
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